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Virtual Workplace Playbook: Keep Progressing Your Virtual Office

By February 9, 2023No Comments

Many of us have adapted to a hybrid or entirely virtual workforce. As we transitioned into this change, leaders and employees alike have had to work hard to understand the transition and continue to excel in their positions. For many, a virtual office might be a significant shift and seeing the future of the business might be challenging. However, by utilizing our ever-growing technology and the skills we already have as leaders, we can progress in a virtual office.

To ensure that you are setting your business up for success, here are some tips on keeping you and your team progressing in a virtual office.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Your whole team should be on the same page regarding processes, goals, and organizational purpose. This will keep your employees striving for the same end game and have everyone working together to move forward instead of in different directions.

With your expectations clear, your team will continue to work toward success. They will understand what to expect while working virtually, and you can keep your team organized and prepared for possible future changes.

Schedule Check-Ins

A virtual office can be isolating for some, and you will lack the ability to see what your employees are doing at specific times. Schedule one-on-ones and check-ins at appropriate times to ensure that your team has the ability to vocalize any confusion or questions.

This gives you a chance to go over your expectations for them, and they have the opportunity to connect with you. A one-on-one provides a time for employees to speak freely and inform you on anything in and outside of work that you might need to know going forward.

Take Advantage of The Technology

One of the most significant ways to continue progressing in a virtual office is to take advantage of what is at your fingertips. Since organizations have become more fluid in their workplaces, many management processes have shifted to be offered online. You can keep your team connected and more efficient by utilizing specific programs.

File management, project management, customer service management, accounting software, and communications software can all be applied to your virtual office. This can optimize your workday and set your team on a good foot.

Keep Communication Open

Efficient communication keeps businesses running. Even in a virtual office, you have the ability to keep strong communications between yourself and your team. Allowing your team to communicate with each other as well as with you keeps doors open and the option for growth.

You can do this through text communications such as Teams, Google Chat, or other resources. Or you can use video conferencing options as well. No matter what you choose, open lines of communication can encourage everyone to feel connected anywhere they might be.

Continue To Set Goals

Working virtually does not stop you from setting goals for your employees and organization. To continue progressing with your team, implementing personal goals within your team members can boost productivity and motivation and keep your team working with enthusiasm. Virtually or not, as a leader, you are still striving for greatness within your team and looking for great leaders to come after you.

The virtual office is not going anywhere any time soon. If you want to continue to grow and progress, keep these tips in mind, and if you have any questions, reach out to the team at Wickham James.